Madeline Frank is a second-year student in the dual degree master’s program in Social Work and Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she is also a COE-funded trainee. She has clinical social work and public health experience and is a research assistant at UNC’s Injury Prevention Research Center. Her research and practice interests include material hardship, the health impacts of childhood trauma, integrating social workers into healthcare teams, and mitigating racial health disparities. Follow Madeline on LinkedIn!

In her blog post, titled “What We Can Learn From Family Drug Treatment Courts?”, Madeline applies MCH Competencies 2 (Self-Reflection) and 12 (Policy) to her work on an environmental scan of substance use-related pre and post-arrest diversion programs in North Carolina. “In reflecting upon my work with family drug treatment courts and diversion programs more broadly, I learned that interdisciplinary collaboration and grounding programs within community context and voices are not just best practice for public health work, but crucial to its success.” Continue reading more about Madeline’s health equity efforts here!

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